A Natural Approach To Individual & Family Wellness

Working with clients and their families to get to the Root Cause NATURALLY!
Instead of focusing on the dis-ease of the body, we work together to find out what is causing the symptoms. We implement Nutrition, Exercise, Toxin Removal, Stress Reduction, Emotional Balance, Supplementation and Success Mindset. In the family setting we focus on daily skills to help make each day the best it can be.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I combine the best of different forms of medicine to help bring balance and healing to your body and home. I do not treat, diagnose or cure disease. I use the wisdom and practices of ancient traditions combined with real life skills to address the root cause of your problems. I get to know you as a unique individual. Based on your health history and symptoms, I guide you through the process of removing toxins and supplementing as necessary when there are deficiencies. My approach is holistic and I will help you eat well, incorporate movement that you enjoy and sleep soundly. My passion is to help individuals and families who are open to a natural approach, willing to make lifestyle changes and who are ready to heal. If you have not been able to solve your wellness issues or are struggling in any way and would like my guidance on your journey to better health, please contact me.


Photo Credit: Fiona Sheppard @rawcrush