Personalized Wellness Plan

My Personalized Wellness Plan includes two wellness consultations along with my personalized recommendations based on your current situation and goals 

My Personalized Wellness Plan is designed to set you up with a clear, easy-to-follow plan to help you lose weight, reset your health, and detoxify your body. I will show you with the tools and resources that you need in order to achieve your weight loss goals, heal your gut, and gain your energy back.


During our time together you will receive:

Two 60-minute consulting calls - 2 weeks apart

A Personalized Wellness Plan
24/7 email support and accountability for 3 weeks (2 weeks between calls and one additional week after your 2nd call)

Call #1: Intake Call:

  • Health history intake
  • Establish goals based on your current situation and needs
  • Initial recommendations to begin program
  • E-support and accountability

Call #2: Personalized Wellness Plan:

  • Receive Personalized Wellness Plan which includes:
  • Healthy shopping list based on the best foods and toxin free personal care products that are best for you
  • Meal plan ideas
  • Personalized detoxification protocols
  • Personalized sleep protocols
  • Personalized stress reduction techniques
  • Personalized nutritional supplement protocol (optional)
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Coaching on how to implement your program successfully
  • E-mail support and accountability


The investment for my Personalized Wellness Plan is $249. This investment includes all consultations, your Personalized Wellness Plan, and on-going support for 3 weeks while working together. It does not include the cost of nutritional supplements, lab tests, or any other product recommendations.


If you are currently:

  • Sick and tired of jumping from one fad diet to the next and not getting any results
  • Frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information available
  • Seeking concrete answers to your underlying health issues
  • Ready to take back control of your health today
  • In need of a clear, easy-to-follow plan to set you up for success....

Then, apply to receive a Personalized Wellness Plan today. If I believe you would be a good fit, I will be in touch to answer any questions you have and get you set up for success!